Monday, 22 March 2010

Petit Salaud

Another use for leftover pork fillet from one of those stroganoffs which only take twenty minutes. Honest. Sort of like a petit sale, this one, only with leaner pork and done in two saucepans.

Leftover pork fillet.
A couple of bockwurst. More if Yulya's about.
Four tomatoes, not green.
A small onion.
A red chilli.
Garlic cloves.
Tomato purée.
A small tin of butterbeans.
A cup or two of green lentils.
Chicken stock.
Cumin, herbes de provence, salt and pepper.
Oil for frying (groundnut and olive).

Get the lentils going first. Sweat half the onion, roughly chopped, in a little groundnut oil. Wash the lentils and set to drain. Add a finely chopped clove of garlic to the pan together with a quarter of the chopped, deseeded chilli and cook for a minute or two; add the lentils and a teaspoon or so of cumin and cook a bit longer. Pour in chicken stock to just cover, bring to the boil then cover the pan and simmer for half an hour or so, till the lentils are tender and have drunk the stock.

In a separate pan, heat a bit of groundnut oil and quickly seal the diced pork. Remove, add a bit of olive oil and gently fry remaining - sliced - onions. Next add the other two cloves of garlic, roughly chopped, and the rest of the chilli. Sweat for a minute then deglaze the pan with red wine. Throw in the finely chopped tomatoes and a dollop of puree, cook briskly for a minute then add the pork, chunks of bockwurst, herbes de provence and rinsed, drained butterbeans. Cover and simmer for twenty minutes or so, till the sauce has thickened nicely. Season to taste.

Serve the pork on the lentils with some chopped parsley and crusty bread.

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